Upcoming Training in "Advanced Attack Techniques Against IPv6 Networks"

I 'm giving an one-day training in Heidelberg, Germany, in the 6th of November of 2013 regarding "Advanced Attack Techniques Against IPv6 Networks".

During this workshop, after discussing some of the new features that IPv6 brings with it, focusing on the IPv6 Header and the IPv6 Extension Extension Headers, we shall discuss several security implications of misusing them. Specific examples that can lead to Denial of Service attacks, IDS insertion/evasion or even firewall evasion will be presented. Then, it will be shown how you can use Scapy to craft your own legitimate or malformed IPv6 packets and subsequently, to launch the prescribed attacks on your own. The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to test what they will learn during the workshop in a virtual lab environment. Only by knowing the potential IPv6 security issues we shall be able to protect it effectively. The acquired knowledge will be valuable both to penetration testers who want to test IPv6 networks as well as to network security engineers who want to protect effectively their IPv6 networks.


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