An IPv6 Scanner is Released

Having just finished the second “Advanced Attack Techniques against IPv6 Networks” workshop, organised and hosted by ERNW and their partner HM Training Solutions, I would like to take this opportunity to release publicly one of my scripting tools, an IPv6 scanner. This tool is based on Scapy (so you have to install Scapy and its prerequisites before using it). It should not be considered as a replacement or a competitor of nmap against IPv6 or of the scanners incorporated into the great IPv6 toolkits already released by Marc Heuse and Fernando Gont, but, instead, as a tool released mainly for educational purposes. Specifically, this scanner, apart from supporting some of the most well known port scanning techniques, from ping scanning to SYN, RESET, ACK, XMAS, etc., etc., TCP or UDP scanning, it also combines, by using the suitable switches, some IDS/IPS evasion techniques. As I have found out up to now, at least two of them, if used “properly”, can be effective against a very popular IDS/IPS software used by many “Fortune 100” companies out there. This means that you can launch actually any type of the supported network-scanning techniques while flying under the radar of this specific IDS software (and perhaps some other too, who knows…). But first of all, as always please check the corresponding README file.

The IPv6 Scanner can be downloaded from the Tools/Scripts section.

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